Air Pollution Control and Dry Bulk Material Handling Systems

Nordfab Ducting


Quick-fit (Q-F) clamp-together ducting eliminates rivets, screws, welds and other time consuming and costly joining methods. The Q-F adjustable nipple telescopes in length to eliminate precise measurements and wasted parts due to improper measuring. Thanks to the patented Q-F design, straight piping, elbows and branch pieces clamp easily together in seconds. They can be put together and taken apart with no special tools. That means you don't have to throw away your existing ducting each time you make a floor plan change.

The Q-F system begins with pipes and fittings (i.e. branches, elbows, pipes, hoods and adapters from 3" to 24" in diameter) that have been machined so that each connecting end has double-rolled edges. When the Q-F clamp (complete with built-in gasket) is snapped into place, the resulting seal is string and tight enough for almost all dust collection and solid materials conveying applications.  Flanged pipe (Van Stone Flange) from 3" to 40" diameter.

Many of the largest manufacturing facilities being built in the US today go online with complete Q-F systems. But Q-F also connects easily to existing ducting systems. Since Q-F can be taken apart and reused, it quickly accommodates floor plan changes and machine replacements.

Benefits of the NORDFAB Ductwork

  • Stronger longitudinal seams that are Laser Welded
  • Smooth, no hang up interiors
  • Smooth world class exterior finishes that looks as good as it works
  • Air tight longitudinal seams
  • Rounder circumferences for easier clamping and tighter adjustable nipple seals
  • Virtually seamless with fewer snag opportunities


The ECOGATE System is completely automated, thanks to sensors and a greenBOX controller. When a machine is turned on, the sensor signals to the controller to open the appropriate gate and turns on the dust collector. When the machine stops, the gate closes, and the dust collector stops. Our MASTER System monitors usage of all machines in your shop and, through an variable speed drive, continually optimizes the amount of power supplied to your dust collector. And that generates energy savings up to 80%. Install ECOGATE System and save money, electricity & natural resources.

With the current state of California's power industry, factories are paying high penalties for the extensive use of electricity. The average cost of electricity is up to 16.5¢ per kWh. Ecogate customers who take advantage of the 'California 20/20 rebate program' are benefiting twice. The reduction in the cost of electricity with the Ecogate system and the subsequent savings from the rebate program means that the ECOGATE system virtually pays for itself.

Ecogate has completed a Dust collecting system power consumption study, and compared the results before and after the Ecogate system installation for Decore-tive Specialities and Drees Woodworks. Our study shows exciting results: at Drees Woodwork Inc. (250 HP system), the return on investment (with incentive) is as short as 5 months, electricity savings of $4822 per month! Decore-ative Specialties average electricity savings during the summer months was $22,506, a return on investment of 12 months.

Different Possibilities For Different Users

For an optimally designed existing dust collecting system

* Save up to 80% just by closing unused gates by installing ECOGATE® System.

For an overcrowded existing dust collecting system

* In case your plant has expanded and you are left with an undersize dust collector, ECOGATE® can greatly improve the performance of your present system without the expense of making your system bigger. It will also improve and correct OSHA safety levels.

For design of new dust collecting system

* Your new dust collector can be designed 40% smaller than the standard, unregulated design typically planned to service an entire plant with all ports open all the time. Consequently, your dust collector cost will be lower.


Materials collected or conveyed through Q-F:

  • sawdust
  • metal grindings
  • printing powders
  • plastic pellets
  • dry concrete
  • carbon black
  • smoke
  • fumes
  • grains
  • lime
  • wood chips
  • oil mists
  • toner dust
  • paper trim
  • food processing dust
  • many more!

NORDFAB is located in Thomasville, NC.