Air Pollution Control and Dry Bulk Material Handling Systems


Munters offers a wide range of equipment and services to meet the needs of any industrial application.

Ensure Consistent Product Quality with Desiccant Dehumidification
Tablets are susceptible to moisture regain during manufacture and during packaging. Removing the excess moisture ensures product quality and increased production.
Create Preferred Environment for Chemical Manufacturing
High humidity creates problems for chemical manufacturing processes that require precise humidity control.
Eliminate Ice and Fog from Refrigerated Warehouses
Ice and fog create hazardous work areas and reducing productivity. Removing excess moisture from the air will reduce operational costs and increase worker safety.

Control Condensation in Meat Processing
Remove excess moisture from the air that condenses on ceilings and equipment to improve sanitation, reduce manual labor and improve worker comfort.
Maintain Humidity and Temperature in Automotive Environments
Excess moisture in the air will prevent proper testing and product of products. Remove moisture from the air with desiccant dehumidification.
Munters has over 65 years of experience in industrial dehumidification.
Serving a wide range of industries and applications, we manufacture units and systems to maximize performance while minimizing energy consumption, ranging from 50 cfm to more than 100,000 cfm.

MUNTERS is located in Amesbury, MA.