Air Pollution Control and Dry Bulk Material Handling Systems

Filter-1 - Dust Collection Equipment

Filter-1, Inc. manufacturer of industrial dust collection systems, has been meeting the needs of industry since 1987.   The engineers at Filter-1 draw from over fifty plus years of design and application experience in the field of pollution control.   Cliff Watson, President and Chief Engineer at Filter-1, is one of the leaders in solving industrial applications and designing state of the art equipment.  
The combined knowledge of the engineering staff at Filter-1 is readily available to solve your industrial ventilation or pollution control problem.  Filter-1 manufactures equipment that meets or exceeds existing air pollution control laws. In working with several government projects, Filter-1 has exceeded the standard in capture velocity requirements that were not being met by most of it's competitors.  
Filter-1 has revolutionized the market with it's push/pull concept of industrial air pollution control equipment.
Major markets served include:

  • Metal working (Grinding & Deburring)
  • Metal working (Oil mist & smoke)
  • Welding
  • Smoke and Fumes
  • Nuisance Dust Control
  • Wood Working
  • Fiberglass manufacturing
  • Laser Printer & Toner Dust
  • Grinding, Drilling & Polishing
  • Food Packaging

Filter-1, Inc. is located in Garland, TX.