Air Pollution Control and Dry Bulk Material Handling Systems

The Eagle Group

The Eagle Group, Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for mixing, transferring, and storage of dry, bulk material. We are also a supplier of accessories and components used in the assembly of material conveying systems. Eagle is truly your "one call does it all" location for meeting your bulk material handling needs.
Below is a small selection of some of the equipment offered by The Eagle Group, Ltd.
The EAGLE Series One Rapid Mixer is a durable batch mixer designed to rapidly mix dry, free-flowing materials. These mixers are available in both portable and stationary models with capacities up to 4000 lbs., and in Magnum models with capacities of 5000 lbs. and greater. They are top loading and designed to mix pellets or granules with an internal vertical auger. 
The EAGLE Series Two Rapid Mixer is a durable batch mixer designed to rapidly mix dry, free-flowing materials. These mixers are available in Economy models with capacities ranging from 500 lbs. to 5000 lbs. and in Magnum models with capacities from 7000 lbs. to 63000 lbs. Material is loaded into a bottom intake hopper, and discharged through a spout with a shut-off slidegate.
Transfer bulk materials from boxes, drums, and various other containers with the Eagle line of hydraulic container inverters. Multiple models are available, combining versatility and durability.

* Basic Dumper - open bucket, efficient, economical.
* Side Load Dumper - load & dump to right or left side.
* Corner Dumper - controlled material flow from one corner of square containers.
* Lift and Seal Inverter - dust tight processing of hazardous and/or dusty materials.
* Drum Inverter - specifically designed for drums, floor level loading, lift & seal models available.
* Dumper stands available for elevated dump height.
* Custom designed container inverters available.
The Eagle Bulk Bag Unloader provides a convenient , dust-free way to transfer material from bulk bags to process equipment. Available in configurations that will accept all styles of bags and all discharge requirements. Basic bag holding frames and fork lift frames offer the simplest and most economical arrangement. Hoist and trolley units can be customized to fit almost any process application.
Model 30-900 utilizes a fork lift frame to lift bulk bags onto the unloading frame at a fixed position.
Model 30-950 is equipped with an electric or manual hoist and monorail trolley, enabling one person to raise, lower, slide, and unload the bulk bag.
Optional discharge components and receiving hoppers are available for the transfer of material to process equipment. Common methods used to convey the discharged material are vacuum systems, flexible auger conveyors, and blower (pressure) systems.
The Eagle Port-A-Bin is an economical way to store and then transfer material. These square bins with angled stacking pads are easily stacked up to three high. Models with vacuum ports are available, as well as stainless steel bins and custom, special order bins.
Standard Features

* Slidegate shut off.
* Stacking pads.
* Oversized lift truck pockets.
* Heavy duty 14 GA steel side walls and legs of 2 x 2 x 1/4 steel angle.
* Durable Eagle gray industrial enamel finish.

Optional Features

* One piece or two piece, hinged cover.
* Casters.
* Bag break grate.
* Card holders.
The Eagle Group provides a complete line of storage silos, including bolted corrugated silos, bolted smooth-wall, and welded smooth-wall tanks.

* Corrugated industrial silos are available in capacities ranging from 5,000 to 250,000 lbs. A standard package would include 10 degree roof, ladder and cage, fill line and vent kits. A full skirting package with walk-in door is also available. These affordable silos are constructed of durable, corrosion resistant, galvanized steel, requiring minimum maintenance.
* Welded and bolted smooth-wall tanks have capacities ranging from 1,000 to 800,000 lbs. They readily accommodate bulk truck or railcar loads. Both types, bolted and welded, have painted finishes.
* Silo installation is accomplished in an economical, timely manner with Eagle's own experienced, non-union crew.